Volunteering Opportunities

Check back often for volunteer opportunities!


Upcoming Dates (dates subject to change):

Why do we hold these events?

Two Sunset parents started these events in 2021 in coordination with the school district, to avoid the spraying of RoundUp and other toxic chemicals on the school grounds. Parent-led efforts are also underway at Trillium, Bolton, Willamette & Cedar Oak to weed the school grounds. Having regular events keeps our school on the district’s “Do Not Spray” list. 

What do we do? Who can attend? How often do we weed?

Parents, kids and community members gather every ~2 months to keep the weeds under control. Volunteers are welcome to weed on their own after school or on weekends, too. Our events are posted on the PTSO calendar, and we also send out email reminders. Efforts can include pulling weeds, laying down weed barrier, spreading mulch, or anything else that needs doing. 

What are the benefits?

Want more info? 

Check the PTSO calendar for upcoming event dates. Email Lori Bacon (laurenabacon@gmail.com) and Lindsay Blake (ltzwick@gmail.com) if you want to get added to our email list and stay informed about upcoming weeding events!