Green Team

Collect, Recycle & Fundraise

Thank you for your interest and participation in our fundraising recycling programs with Terracycle. The drop bins for most items are just inside the front doors of the school. Boxes collecting writing utensils and  additional boxes for snack pouch collection are located on each porch.   Please make sure the items are empty and dry before dropping them off. No need to clean them. 

Here is what we are currently collecting:

Oral Care items 

Writing Utensils

Eye care products

Beauty Care items

Drink Pouches and Straws

Squeezable Snack Pouches

Bottle Drop 

Grab a blue bag from the school lobby, fill it up with your redeemable cans and bottles and drop the bag off at any approved Bottle Drop location. The funds go directly to our school.  

TREX Challenge

We are aiming to collect 1,000 pounds of stretchy plastic film this school year as a part of the Trex Challenge.  

Drop your clean and dry plastic grocery and produce bags, bread and cereal bags, bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags, plastic shipping envelopes, Ziploc bags... if you can stretch it with your fingers and it is clean and dry, drop it in!

Details about what is accepted can be found here: 

Trex Challenge

We can now recycle Hasbro branded items with Teracycle as part of our recycling and fundraising efforts. Feel free to bring any Hasbro board games, plush items, electronic/plastic/wood/metal toys & games, action figures and dolls in a bag or box and place them by the recycling bins.

Curious how to recycle batteries? Curbside collection of batteries is available to single-family residential customers throughout Clackamas County.

Details here 

Thanks for reading this information.  If it created any questions, please send them my way.  If it made you super excited about getting involved or if you have any additional ideas for us to look into, please let us know.