Classroom Parents

Thank you for being a Classroom Parent!  Please refer to this page for reference.

What is a Classroom Parent?

You are the go between for the PTSO organization and your teacher.  Ideally there are at least 2 Classroom parents per classroom, and between the two of you , you can share or split responsibilities.

We would like for at least one Classroom Parent to attend the PTSO Monthly meetings and take back any important information back to the teachers.  That may be an upcoming fun community building event, a fundraising opportunity, or volunteering opportunity that can be shared in the classroom newsletter or verbally to the kids.

A classroom parent may look different in each classroom, depending on the teachers needs.  Some may want help in the classroom planning an event or would like to know what is going on in the PTSO world.

Classroom Parent List 2023-2024 - We still have a few openings!  Please let us know if you can help out

PTSO Monthly Newsletter - Feel free to send this along to teachers to include in their newsletters

Volunteering Opportunities - Check back often

Fundraising Opportunities